Small Decal Installation Instructions

Each decal has 3 parts:
Top - application paper
Middle - vinyl decal
Bottom - backing paper

1) Room and application surface temperature should be no less than 60° F (15° C).

2) Clean application surface to remove any dirt, grease, or contaminates.

3) Masking tape decals into position on application surface. Tape top of decal to make a "hinge" at the top.

4) While decal is hinged upward remove backing paper. Allow decal to hinge on to car as you flatten it into place using your hands. Squeegee decal from the center out to the edges using good pressure. Two bank cards (back to back) may be used if a squeegee is not available.

5) Slowly remove application paper making sure decal does not lift off surface. If decal lifts off press back into place and squeegee again.

6) Allow a few days before washing or waxing the decals.